Blackmail and violation of the anal cherry of Urula_(0)

Now she felt really out of her depth. She knew she should ask them to stop there and then, thank them for delivering her furniture and ask them to leave. At the same time she couldn’t help admiring their lean muscled torsos, and wondering what was under their tight jeans.

She sensed that she wouldn’t have to wait long to find out as they started to grope each other through the denim material, and run their hands over their mates abs and chest. Ursula couldn’t believe how much this spectacle was turning her on. Half an hour earlier she would have thought the idea of two men having any sort of sexual contact together was abhorrent. The tingling and increasing wetness between her legs told a different story however. As did the increase in the heaviness of her breathing.
Just as she was starting to feel like a bit of a spectator the men turned their attention from each other to Ursula. As the younger one stood in front of her and started to kiss her, the older man stood behind her, and started to pull down her leggings. As he did so he ran his hands down her thigh, easing her bottoms down s until she was able to step out of them.

While he was helping her to start undressing her hands worked at the waistband and fly of the his friend’s jeans and soon they were dropping to the floor, allowing her to squeeze and rub his hard cock through his boxers. This didn’t last long before she slid her hand down inside them to wrap her fingers round his erection and ease it out over his waistband.

It all seemed very unreal. Here she was kissing and wanking a total stranger while his friend kissed the back of her neck and played with her breasts through the thin material of her vest. She started to think the young man was getting close to coming as his cock stiffened and his breathing increased in intensity. However before he got to that stage, her pulled her hand away and squatted down in front of her, his tongue busying itself in teasing her clit and forcing its way in between her pussy lips to taste her wetness. At first she wondered what to do with her hands now that he was out of reach, but it was only a very brief moment before she reached behind herself to free the older guy’s cock from his jeans and start to stroke up and down his length.

As she rubbed him, he eased her vest up exposing her tits, and pinching her hard nipples. She felt completely reckless now, and put up no resistance as the man behind her pushed against the top of her back to bend her over. As she moved in accordance with the pressure he placed on her the other man stood up and stepped back. At the same time as she felt the first man’s hard cock slide into her soaking pussy from behind she lowered her head to take the second man into her mouth. Soon she was moving in rhythm with both of them, and it wasn’t long before the sheer naughtiness of what she was doing, along with the astonishing physical sensations brought her to a shuddering and intense climax.

As she came she felt the two cocks pull out of her pussy and her mouth. The younger man quickly got down on his knees in front of his friend and started to suck him, cleaning her pussy juices off him in the process. He was obviously well practised at this and it only took a couple of minutes before his mouth was starting to fill with hot cum. Ursula moved in to lick the excess that dribbled down his chin, before kissing him and using her tongue to taste the spunk that he had not yet swallowed.

She stayed down on her knees as he stood up and let his buddy start wanking him with one hand and squeezing his balls with the other. He took no longer to come than his friend, and soon his cum was spraying onto Ursula’s face and tits. As the last drops started to ease out she took him in her mouth and sucked him clean.

The men then helped her to her feet and between them licked her face and breasts clean of the sticky white fluid. Now it was all over there was a bit of an awkward silence, during which all three of them got dressed.

As the delivery men left Ursula was already wondering whether it had really happened or not and I could not believe my luck as I knew I was going to use the video recording to make this sexy red head beauty my own private slut.

The next day, her husband who had still not come back as he was not in town so I just rang her door bell, she answered just dressed in a see through gown wanting to know what I wanted as she was aware how I used to stare at her with lust and she used to be uncomfortable about it.

I told her I had a gift for her handing her the cd of the recordings, she put it on the player and was stunned and very annoyed trying to figure out how I was able to record this which happened in her bedroom, she was scared when I threaten to show it to her husband as it was just a copy the one I gave her.
I now told her if you do what I tell you I will keep this recording a secret but if you don’t I promise I will make sure your husband gets them. Shocked she didn’t know what to say and just stood transfixed as if in shock.

I ordered her to take off her shirt and blouse. Her hands were shaking so much she could barely get the buttons undone as she took her bra off she couldn’t believe how erect her nipples were, Shyly she covered them with her hands embarrassed that they were erect. I then ordered her show me her wonderful huge breasts which I started sucking immediately.
After she had pulled her panties off I stared up and down her whole body while playing with my cock, OMG she was so very beautiful, I thought.

I then stood up and walked around behind her and said yeah you got a tight little ass to, I didn’t get to see it last night, I then reached around and cupped both of her breasts and began pinching her nipples and making them harder. Shortly I took one hand off her breast and pulled her head around and kissed her on the mouth sticking my tongue inside her mouth. She found it exciting and was enjoying it, although still a bit scared of what was happening.

Slowly my hand moved down her belly and inched closer to her pussy. Her breathing was very heavy as my hand moved over what little pubic hair she had, seemed she like to shave her pussy, as my hand touched her pussy I ran my fingers over her clit making her hips jerk and then spread her lips and inserted a finger in her pussy saying yeah bitch your pussy is so tight and so wet

After I had played with her a few minutes I sat down on the sofa and pushed her down on her knees in front of me. Now you ready to see a real mans dick girl, as he pulled down my pants and shorts she couldn’t take her eyes off of my crotch. When my thing popped out she couldn’t believe how big it was it was larger than her husband and it was still soft and uncircumcised.

I then took her hand and placed it on my cock ordering her to play with it. As she played with my cock it started to get hard and when it was finally hard it had to be 8" inches long and very brown she had never imagined anything so big.

I asked her to take it in her mouth and kiss it she slowly lowered her head not knowing what to expect as she kissed it I moaned yeah baby that’s right now lick it I coached as she licked it up and down the shaft even licking my balls before I made her take it in her mouth and coaching her on how to suck it. After a while I then found that her pussy was soaking wet. I placed myself behind her and shoved my fully erect member, hard, into her wet hot pussy!

We both moaned from pleasure and started to pump her while she started to push back to meet my strong thrusts.

Don't stop! Keep fucking me! Ride my white pussy please! She kept yelling.

After a while I removed my cock from her pussy and asked her if she ever had an Anal fuck, she never had one and got scared.

I aimed at her hot ass and she knew what was next although she screamed she had never tried it before.
She felt the head of my large cock in her ass crack and she started shivering with excitement as well as fear, she couldn't wait to feel me inside her. I looked at the milk white skin of hers beneath me as I grabbed her hips and pushed forward ramming my whole solid length in her tight back door!
I roared with pleasure as I felt the hot tightness around my prick and she was initially screaming from pain as she felt my huge cock was ripping her apart.

After a few thrusts the expression of her face changed, from pain to pure pleasure! I could see that she was enjoying being ass fucked but never dared it before with anyone.

I started to pump harder and faster into her rectum, she knew I was close to Cumming and used her hand to play with her clit, our moans turned into loud groans as we reached our climax.
I shot load after load of my prime cum into her ass and her pussy juices flowed down her thighs.
I pulled away and sat down, as she quickly turned around and took my cock in her mouth clean it up and milking the last drops of cum on it.

Then she curled herself in my arms. I stroked her hair and caressed her 36DD breasts as I asked if she enjoyed it?.

Of course she told me although she never expect to be fucked in the arse!
Good job, I said and this will not be the last one, expect me back and we surely will have a good time whenever your husband is again not in town, and remember I am always watching you.
She could not believe something she did not want to do ended up in such a pleasurable sexual thing she never had before.

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Blackmail and violation of the anal cherry of Urula_(0)